ReefWeave is a nature-based approach to coastal protection that leverages local resources and skills to fabricate woven natural materials for erosion control, shoreline planters and fish habitats. This demonstration project is a partnership between a Northern California design and ecological team and local weavers and divers on the island of Dhangethi. The goal is to empower communities to develop adaptation strategies for sustainable management of the island’s reef ecosystem.

An iterative method of working with parametric designs which inform physical prototypes will be methodically tested and adjusted to optimize hole sizes and forms for marine habitats, for the potential to accrete sediment, and to dissipate wave energy. This research based approach explores a novel methodology to create soft infrastructures that help protect the island and contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

Our mission is to use biology, design, and fabrication with locally sourced resources to protect small islands from the effects of climate change.

Join us for a discussion with our partners around adaptive strategies in the Maldives.

When: September 16, 2021 When: 8:30 PM